Finally. Sterilization as smart as your instruments.

Sterilucent’s patented iQVHP sterilizers represent an entirely new class of technology, delivering true performance aptitude that responds and adapts to today’s modern sterilization challenges.

Beyond futuristic

Sterilucent iQVHP technology incorporates a wealth of data-driven intelligence and functionality never before thought possible. It’s the sterilizer of the future, and built for it.

Smart data and analytics redefine what’s possible.

Dynamic, gentle cycling

Continuous in-chamber sensing and cycle adjustments virtually eliminate damage to advanced instruments.

Intelligent moisture sensing & drying

Cycle assurance is maintained by reducing failed cycles caused by non-sensing “dumb” technology

Adaptive sterilant delivery

Smart data analytics deliver just the right amount of sterilant at just the right time, using less peroxide.

A new level of control

User-friendly interface, intuitive analytics and a wealth of smart features enable superior performance and productivity.

We sterilize what others can’t.

Endoscopes • Duodenoscopes • Ultrasound GI Scopes • Colonoscopes • Cholodochoscopes • Angioscopes• Gastroscopes

Increasing use of complex, fragile instruments presents difficult challenges for conventional sterilization processes. Studies consistently show bacteria can remain on complex instruments after high-level disinfection, which leads to patient infections and even fatalities. Conventional VHP also exposes fragile instruments to high doses of sterilants which damages expensive devices.

Repair or replacement costs are in the hundreds of $millions.

Sterilucent’s iQVHP technology is designed for today’s advanced, fragile surgical instruments, devices and materials.

  • Gentle enough to significantly reduce material degradation
  • Sterilizes longer devices, and those with smaller geometries
  • Proprietary sensors and data analytics continuously optimize sterilant delivery throughout the entire cycle to avoid damage

Note: The iQVHP™ has not been cleared by the FDA at this time.

How the customer wins:

  • Fewer time-consuming cycle aborts
  • Ability to sterilize fragile instruments
  • Higher sterility assurance, higher productivity
  • Smarter sensing and analytics provide more control
  • Lower instrument repair and replacement costs
  • Lower operational and consumable costs
  • Attractive fool-proof design and ease of use
  • Lower service and maintenance costs
  • Enhanced quality of care

About Sterilucent

Sterilucent was founded in 2004 by David C. Bell, a visionary business development leader with over 40 years of worldwide experience in the development of new technologies and bringing them successfully to market. Sterilucent’s initial funding was secured from the National Institute of Health (NIH) with additional interest from the Department of Defense (DoD). Continued support from NIH and angel investors provided additional funding to allow Sterilucent to complete development of its groundbreaking technology. 

The company’s mission is to create long-term corporate growth and sustained stakeholder value by disrupting the multi-billion dollar VHP medical sterilization equipment market.