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Sterilant Disc

Sterilucent Biological Indicators

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HC 80TT Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer Product Information

PSD-85 Sales Sheet

PSD-85 Specifications

Sterilant Disc Sales Sheet

Sterilization Container System Sales Sheet

Sterility Assurance Sales Sheet

User Manuals

SL003 Sterilucent™ BI Incubator Operations Manual

Certifications and Registrations

FDA Clearances:

CE Certificate

ISO 13485: 2016 Certification

Sterilucent Patents

Product Name Area US Canada Europe Spain
Sterilucent PSD - 85 Sterilizer Vapor Sensor US7880887 CA2735370 EP2337588 ES2576110
Sterilucent PSD - 85 Sterilizer Sterilization Cycle US8366995 CA2765068    
Sterilucent PSD - 85 Sterilizer Drying Cycle US8230616
Sterilucent PSD - 85 Sterilant Disc Sterilant Disc US7993608 CA2748667 EP2382133  
Sterilucent PSD - 85 Process Challenge Devices (PCD) PCD - L & PCD-NL US8486691      

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