sterilucent product


Mobile Emergency RoomDisaster Recovery and Health Care
Outreach Programs

The Sterilucent™ PSD-85 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer design meets the requirements for disaster recovery programs and government or non-government organizations’ health care outreach programs.

The PSD-85 sterilizer’s rugged design facilitates the deployment of sterilization for rapid response and will endure rough travel to remote locations. Its ruggedized design protects the sterilizer from the elements during transport and facilitates quick set-up and process verification. The system has low energy requirements and does not require potable water, which makes it the right sterilizer for areas with limited infrastructure and resources. 

Sterilucent consumable and accessory products have been validated for use with the PSD-85 system. The long shelf life of these consumable products protects inventory preparedness and the investment made by organizations committed to providing health care whenever and wherever needed.

The Sterilucent PSD-85 system provides reliable sterilization for health care organizations that may not have the luxury of a traditional health care delivery setting.